So what is a Leadership and Organizational Development DEGREE?

The Master of Science Degree in Leadership and Organizational Development provides adult learners and working professionals with a graduate level learning experience that is accessible, affordable, and includes an integration of Franciscan worldview and values.  

Our Leadership and Organizational Development program:

  • Launches in fall of 2017!
  • Provides courses scheduled on a rotational basis in eight-week blocks.
  • Offers both face-to-face and hybrid courses (face-to-face combined with online).
  • Requires 33 credits to graduate.
  • Aligns with current industry standards, such as Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL).


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Goals OF THE Leadership and organizational development PROGRAM

Graduates of the LOD program will develop as lifelong learners and translate that experience into an increased capacity for sustained high levels of performance expressed in the workplace given the following program goals:

  1. Maintain the foundation of our program curriculum through the alignment with specific sets of highly regarded and reputable industry standards that identify requisite knowledge, skill and ability among organizational leaders in any industry, as well as, organizational development and healthcare professionals.

  2. Provide the opportunities for students to expand their professional network.

  3. Strive to continually improve the learning experience of our students through commitment to: student-centric delivery of courses, engagement of adult learners and utilization of real-world application, practices and cases in the learning process.


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Highlights and Benefits OF THE Leadership and organizational development PROGRAM


The Leadership and Organizational Development program has improved through a program delivery design that meets the needs of adult students with busy lives and who seek to complete their graduate studies in as little as 24 months, focusing on one course at a time. 

All courses are scheduled on a rotational basis in eight-week blocks. This design enables busy adults to focus on one course at a time, back to back, which assists students who seek full-time status for financial aid purposes. This eight-week block design also enables students to enter the program in any term (fall, spring or summer), and at either the first eight-week or second eight-week block.



Our standard delivery modes of courses are either face-to-face or the hybrid model. The hybrid model is intended to better accommodate the preferences of students from the Northeast Wisconsin area. It combines the strengths of both face-to-face and online delivery. In the hybrid format, face-to-face sessions typically occur at the beginning, middle and end of a course, with content and direction available online in between these face-to-face sessions. 

  • Silver Lake College is a student-centric institution, meaning we strive to accommodate our students’ needs as feasibly possible. Where the program and individual instructors can make adjustments to accommodate a student’s need we attempt to do that; we understand – life happens. 
  • As we work with corporate partners or other organizations, or even groups of students who enter the program at a specific time and organize themselves as a “cohort,” it is our pledge to work with individual cohorts to meet their needs, to include course scheduling, sequence, delivery modes or mix of delivery modes, etc.
  • Customized delivery approaches and tuition discounts are available for formalized student cohorts.


The Leadership and Organizational Development program has been designed to specifically align with industry standards for organizational leaders and organizational development professionals. This means our program develops requisite skills, knowledge and abilities for organizational leaders and human resource professionals given the alignment with Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) standards. SHRM and CCL collaborated to identify standards of skill, knowledge and ability that enhance the productivity and effectiveness of organizational leaders and human resource professionals alike.  

Health care professionals (specifically, organizational leaders and human resource development professionals within the health care industry) who graduate from our program can claim that they graduated from a program that aligns with National Center Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) standards. Silver Lake College’s Leadership and Organizational Development program serves health care professionals and is among the very first graduate programs to align with the NCHL standards.   


The courses in the Leadership and Organizational Development program are taught by instructors who are proven professionals in their field and committed to excellence in all facets of learning and serving our adult student population. The practical experience of our faculty and their working knowledge of the learning process engages students in sharing their experiences and is just one of the many strengths of our program. Our faculty are proven professionals and are absolutely committed to seeing our students succeed, from class to class, and ultimately in their careers and personal lives. Our faculty model and apply the values of a Franciscan institution of higher education, and they instill these same values in our students.


Norman.jpgSilver Lake College has provided me with a comfortable learning environment, great professors and a college that puts my needs for success as a No. 1 goal. I also received my bachelor’s degree from Silver Lake, and when it came time to select a college for my master’s degree, I researched other colleges, but my choice was to return to Silver Lake. I chose Silver Lake because the other colleges didn’t seem to fit my personal needs and educational goals. Receiving my degrees from Silver Lake also has provided me with professional opportunities and goals that I could not have obtained without my educational experience at this wonderful learning institution. Norman Pawelczyk – Fall 2016 Graduate

Amy.jpgI am a wife, a mother to four young girls, I work a full-time day job, and it’s been four years since I completed my undergraduate studies. To state the obvious, I am a busy person and studying on a Saturday is no longer a task I’m used to doing. I think my life resonates with many other adults. Silver Lake College makes pursuing a graduate degree simple – there are no prerequisite
courses required prior to admission if a person’s undergraduate degree doesn’t align perfectly with the Leadership and Organizational Development program, a GRE exam retake is not required and courses are delivered in a hybrid fashion allowing for effective learning without constraints. I studied and received my undergraduate degree from a large public university which I am very proud of, but there are key differences between large public universities and Silver Lake College. Everyone has a busy life. Silver Lake College staff and educators understand and willingly work on an individual basis to ensure student success. Students are infinitely more than just a number. Silver Lake College maintains and promotes a healthy learning environment while embodying a welcoming family oriented atmosphere. Amy Yang – 1st Year MOD Student (transitioning to the Leadership and Organizational Development program in fall 2017)
Health care in our country is undergoing a paradigm shift with constant changes occurring. Using the skills taught at the graduate level in Leadership and Organizational Development enables professionals in the health care environment to positively effect change by understanding the history and current state of the health care industry, as well as by using the skills of change management, conflict resolution, adult education and servant leadership. Jacqueline LeFevre, BSN, RN-BC – Spring 2017 graduate of the MOD program
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